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Horse. Tail. Boots. Yes.

13 Jun

You know those times  you feel like… well, a horse? No? Anybody? I know you’re out there. And wherever it is you’re hiding, I hope you find this:

Photo Credit: Ton Werkhoven

This masterpiece is by Zjef van Bezouw. I’m not sure if it’s commercially available, and if it is then I’m not sure why.


Shoe Meets Boot Meets Leg

14 May

I’ve seen my fair share of shoes pretending to be boots, but a friend recently brought this to my attention: shoes pretending to be legs. Yes, legs.

These legs shoes boots by Prada are available here for $1,500, but in my ever so humble opinion I would advise the following people against wearing these:

– people who’ll wear them with jeans/trousers tucked in

– people who’ll wear them with skirts

– people who’s skin tone is darker or lighter than the flesh-toned ‘boots’

– people who would prefer wearing shoes

– people who would prefer wearing boots

– people.