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4 Jun

How cute is this t-shirt?!

grey css html geek

I mean… I think it’s cute. If it appeals to your inner geek, buy it at Pop + Shorty for $25.


Eye Geekery

29 May

Though not technically on a hanger, this latest purchase of mine did appeal to me in the exact same way.

I needed a basic pair of glasses as my old pair was becoming increasingly worn out. I tried on everything from Ray-ban Wayfarers to vintage purple Dior cats-eye glasses, but in the end I settled for something as inconspicuous as my last pair:

burberry be2086 eye glasses spectacles black plaid

You can see a lot more detail in the picture than you can in real life; I’m not a big fan of logos so it works well for me.

Slightly related, I just discovered the Burberry website and I love it.

Basanti… tumhara naam kya hai?

5 May

Today I feel like my name should be Basanti. Let me start from the beginning.

Once upon a time I bought a pair of red skinny jeans. Five years passed and I never wore them. Then last night I embraced the arrival of Spring/Summer 2011 and bought this from Daaman:

monsoon sunrise daaman kurta kameez shop online pakistani tunic

My standard go-to white trousers were a bit too white for this so here’s how I wore it:

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