eBay Success Story: Beatrice’s hat sells for £81,100

31 May

64. That’s the number of batshit crazy people in this world.

I am, once again, talking about the infamous force behind a recent twitterstorm, countless photoshop memes and a Facebook fan page with over 140,000 fans: Princess Beatrice’s toilet-seat headpiece.

Royal Wedding Philip Treacy Hat Toilet Seat

The aforementioned Princess put her silken Philip Treacy creation up for auction on eBay last week and 64 people bid on it. It eventually sold for £81,100.01. Yes, that’s one penny at the end.

Just FYI, Princess B lost a cool 13kg for the royal wedding. Wonder why nobody noticed…

I also wonder why the world was so slow to pick up on her in general. This particular fashion statement was not a one-off. Pictorial evidence after the jump.

flower feather headgear fascinator headpiece

fascinator headpiece

PS. In defence of the highest bidder (who has chosen to remain anonymous), all proceeds were donated to UNICEF UK and Children in Need. I guess that makes it less sensational. Oh… well.

PPS. Will somebody please give me some miraculously quick weight loss tricks so I too can shed 13kg? What? They don’t exist?


One Response to “eBay Success Story: Beatrice’s hat sells for £81,100”

  1. Kiyari July 2, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    I like her better with the 13 kg, I like the hats better too.

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